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Project Description

A Snake implementation with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 3.0.

This is an educational project but it's also a funny game.

You can learn
  1. Graphics and Graphical User Interfaces (subset of WPF)
    1. Bitmap, Colors, SolidColorBrush, LinearGradientBrush, Rectangle, Font classes
    2. Text, Border, Panel, StackPanel, ListBox, ListBoxItem, Window classes
    3. Custom ListBoxItem classes, Custom Controls
    4. Handling User Input and Events
  2. Globalization and Localization
    1. Using Resources and Cultures
    2. Creating a custom culture
    3. Creating satellite assemblies
    4. Changing the language at runtime
  3. Threading
    1. Thread, Timer, ExtendedTimer classes
    2. Dispatcher class
  4. ...

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